Since ancient times, hand-woven carpets (فرش) and rugs were among the major commodities produced in Persia.  Read more

Calligraphy (خوشنویسی) has long been at the center of attention of Iranian art among Iranian cultures in different periods, and it continues to be one of the most reputable and famous arts in Iran. Read more

Iranian embroidery (رودوزی) uses mostly floral motifs, especially Persian figures, animals, and patterns related to hunting. Read more

Qalamkar (قلمکار), the hand-printed fabric, is a form of handicraft utilizing a centuries-old process. Read more

Pateh Duzi

Pateh Duzi (پته دوزی) is one of the oldest needleworks in Kerman province, Iran. This art implements on a thick woolen fabric that is called Shawl or Ariz. Read more


Minakari (میناکاری) is one of the Iranian handicrafts in which the metal surface is painted with refractory enamel paints. Painting enamel, inlaid enamel, Engraving enamel, Cavity enamel, Charkhaneh or Chess like enamel are all types of Minakari which painting enamel and engraving enamel have the highest degree of production nowadays.

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